Tiny House Eviction Stay

Link to Eudaly Announcement

"Leaven Community, partners, friends and neighbors, will you join Luz in officially asking Commissioner Chloe Eudaly representing the City of Portland, for this stay on the citation of tiny homes and RV’s on private property, halting the displacement of these residents and inviting them out of the shadows and into the light to organize with us? If so, respond, “Yes!

The answer was a resounding, "Yes!"

"Commissioner Eudaly, I ask on behalf of all these people, will you implement this stay and work with us toward an affordable, legal option? If so, respond, “Yes!”

Commissioner Eudaly 's response was an unequivocal, “Yes!"

Eudaly's announcement that the stay would take effect immediately moved audience members to jump to their feet, cheering and clapping. Over 140 members, neighbors and friends shared our stories and experienced the power of collective action to relieve some of the pressure felt by many Portlanders around their  immigration and housing status.

The stay is a win for Leaven Community's Land and Housing Research Action Team. When the team heard Luz Gomez's story of migration and housing displacement and learned of her opportunity to live in a tiny house, they took immediate action to ask the commissioner for a stay on the citation of tiny homes and RV’s on private property while work is being done to adopt new city codes. After meeting with Eudaly's chief of staff, Marshall Runkel, and then with Eudaly, the answer was yes and affirmed by the mayor's office.

The following graphic illustrates the process resulting in this win.

CC Tiny House Orgaining Illustration.jpeg.png

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