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Leaven Community House Meetings

Land & Housing Updates and Actions

Leaven Community Land and Housing Coalition

We are building a diverse and growing coalition of faith communities stepping out of isolation to partner with neighbors and neighborhood based organizations.  Together we will engage our faith and spiritual traditions and the creative and people-power-building process of the organizing cycle that results in:

1) Vital and active communities of faith engaged in their neighborhoods;

2) A collective that changes the systems and structures that create and perpetuate housing inequity in our city and beyond;

3) A diversity of affordable housing built on faith community land.

The Next Six Months: A Cohort-Based Process

We will build this Housing Coalition together through a Cohort-based process, gathering as congregational and organizational teams in monthly two hour sessions over six months from January-June 2019.  We will learn from one another, strategize, act and hold one another accountable.

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The outcomes we aim for out of this six-month process include:

1) Each congregation/organization engaging in the relational organizing cycle (see above image), moving through deep conversation to research and discernment to action and evaluation.

  • You will learn how to envision and execute a listening season in your congregation and neighborhood(s) that deepens relationships and unearths housing stories and other intersecting pressures.

  • You will identify and develop leaders for this work.

  • You will discern and execute an action in, around and/or with your congregation that moves your community into the next step of addressing the housing crisis  -- for instance, this could look like deciding to build affordable housing on your property, or committing to the Housing Coalition more systemically, or taking a local action within your congregation or neighborhood (just a few possibilities of many).

2) The Housing Coalition acting together -- moving through the relational organizing cycle together as a Coalition and taking a concrete action at the Portland City level.

  • Out of our listening in our congregations and neighborhoods, we will learn through doing research at the city level, including power-analysis and meeting with city officials in order to understand who has the power to change issues facing our people and communities.

  • We will discern a execute a public action together, developing leaders, bringing housing justice at the Portland city level and strengthening our Coalition and each congregation that participates.

3) Begin securing 3-5 sites and financing for the development of affordable housing on faith community property.

  • Through our work as congregations and with denominations, we will begin securing the first bundles of land to build on.

  • We will have research meetings, do power analysis, make strategic asks and begin securing funding for this first bundle of properties.

  • We will work through emerging questions and get educated related to building affordable housing as we prepare to shift (in the next six months) to visioning actual housing developments through our relationships with those most affected; new leadership and new partnerships that have developed through this first process.

For additional information contact: Melissa: pastormoreed@gmail.com OR LaVeta: lavetagj@gmail.com