Welcome to Leaven Community

We invite you to BE, LOVE and ACT TOGETHER…deepening relationships, building community and creating change for more equitable, diverse, thriving neighborhoods for all.

Summer Gatherings & Practices

You are invited to gather for communal reflections in Leaven-y backyards and homes throughout the summer to discuss and reflect on stirrings that surface as we read Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds by Adrienne Maree Brown.
Gathering 1: Thursday, July 18th, 6:30-8:30pm, Ayou home, 5910 SE 41st Ave #4, Portland OR 97202.

“Leaven Community Reads” Summer Book

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“Adrienne leads us on a passionate, purposeful, intimate ride into this Universe where relationships spawn new possibilities. Her years of dedication to facilitating change by partnering with life invite us to also join with life to create the changes so desperately needed now.” —Margaret Wheatley, author of Leadership and the New Science More about the book.

Intercambio Gatherings at Community Events


Come together for fun at city-wide community events while practicing your English and Spanish. First gathering, July 20th, Picnic and Jazz Concert at Cathedral Park. MORE INFO

Indigenous Come Up is organizing a couple of smaller Indigenous Marketplaces this summer in preparation for a larger launch of 12 Indigenous Marketplaces over the next two years. Check out the next one in the Leaven Community parking lot! FaceBook Information


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This summer we invite you to practice Sabbath…Rest, together. Sabbath is found in nature and practiced in many traditions and cultures throughout time.

(Excerpt from Melissa Reed Sermon 7/14/2019)
Notice the life that happens when the sun comes up and we rise, again.
What are practices that have helped you to slow down
and attend to the life right around you and within you?
To stop and rest and play and delight?
To honor your limits and enjoy your body and soul
and the relationships around you?

How might you practice Sabbath this summer? Is there a time every day you could devote to Sabbath -- moments of stopping?
What might you do to mark that time?

Following are Sabbath practices for mindful breathing from two Leaven Community spiritual circles: Salt & Light Lutheran and Waking Up Meditation.
Breathing Life In & Out Mindfulness of Breathing


Deepen RelationshipS

BE wholly us as we deepen relationships in spaces of spiritual wisdom and shared story.

Bras, Bibles, & Brew

Salt & Light Lutheran

Waking Up Community Meditation


Build Community

Build community power as LOVE transforms stranger into neighbor and neighbor into companion.

Intercambio de Cully -
Cully Language Exchange

NAT: Neighbors Acting Together

Swap’n’Work and Play (SWAP)



ACT together in neighborhood and citywide actions to create more spaces for life to thrive against all odds.

Acción Intercultural con Corazón - Intercultural Action with Heart

Land and Housing Organizing

Sanctuary Organizing

Leaven Community Calendar


When we bring our money together in the spirit of community we create good things in the world.

  • Pathways for exploring how to BE

  • Community growing in LOVE

  • Relationships igniting us to ACT

You are Invited to the stories of these Leaven Community members.