IMIrJ Sheridan to NORCOR Pilgrimage

#LetOurPeopleGo #UnshackleOregon #NoM105 
Join us for a week of solidarity, marching, caravanning, and events as rural Oregonians, members of faith communities, immigrants and long-time residents of our state will march together from Sheridan Federal Prison (FCI Sheridan) to the Northern Oregon Regional Correctional Facility (NORCOR) in The Dalles. Both FCI Sheridan and NORCOR--a regional jail--hold contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), renting beds to ICE in order to lock up immigrants and refugees seeking asylum.

7 Day Overview

Sheridan to NORCOR: Unshackle Oregon


9:30a - Orientation at Elizabeth Caruthers Park

10:00a - March to ICE

10:30a - Protest “Program” in the street outside the ICE building

11:15a - Silent March / Vigil to First Congregational Church

12:30p - Lunch at First Congregational (we will be joined by a member of the Nissei Community, who will talk about the historical resonance with Japanese Internment while we eat).  We’ll provide sack lunches for the out of town pilgrims

1:30p - Silent March to the World Trade Center

1:45p - Brief Program outside the World Trade Center (home of Merkley's office).  We will have a member of his staff greet us - we’ll thank Merkley for his support so far and remind him of priorities on the journey ahead.

2:00p - Silent March to the Lloyd Center (swinging by the Japanese Historic Plaza

3:00p (we may arrive as late as 3:10p) Program in the street near 911 NE 11th Ave., where we will talk to representatives of some of our elected officials.  In addition to this, we’ll have a closing program to end the day.

7 Day Overview

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