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Land & Housing Updates and Actions

Leaven Community Land and Housing Coalition

We are building a diverse and growing coalition of faith and neighborhood-based Institutions around housing.

Our Goal
For religious institutions to contribute to equitable, relational, and vital neighborhoods by addressing, in concrete ways, the common pressures of gentrification and its effects of displacement and unaffordable housing in our city.  Explicitly, we see this happening through

  • relationship building across communities of faith and with our neighbors

  • the re-development of church property where available and other creative development means that will spring out of relationship;

  • collective action that changes the systems that create or contribute to housing injustice.

We will exhibit ways of being that are modeled in and teach about the cycle of relational community organizing.

We invite you and your congregation into the first phase of this coalition work together.

Phase One: A six month cohort-based learning and organizing process for congregational teams (3-10 people) that gather for monthly two hour sessions.

Together we will:

  • Learn relationship-based, spiritually informed, community organizing practices and process;

  • Be accompanied in strategizing and executing process that moves each congregation forward toward developing housing as part of the collective;

  • Identify pressures facing our communities related to housing and the building of housing;

  • Research, strategize and create public action that relieves housing pressures for our communities and clears the pathway for faith communities to develop housing together.


Land and Housing Research Action Team

MEETINGS: See Calendar
TIME: 6:30PM - 8:30PM
LOCATION: Leaven Community

Bring your imaginations and gifts to the conversation and research actions of the Leaven Community Land and Housing Research Action Team. The team identifies collective community housing actions that result in more equitable, diverse, thriving neighborhoods.