Summer Sabbath: Keeping Holy Space and Time

Here are practices you can engage in at home or in the midst of your day, your work, your life --

JULY 14-20

Find yourself in a chair
or maybe you find yourself on a park bench
or waiting for the bus,
or at your office desk.

Light a candle
Or do something that reminds you of the presence of life.
Maybe it is taking a sip of water.
Maybe it is holding a blade of grass
or small flower in your hand.
It can surely be a deep breath.

And then pay attention to your breath.
With each in and out, notice your own life going in-- 
And then going out and touching the life-breath
of the world, those around you.

Hold their life in yours.
And, when you are ready -- bless that life
as a necessary part of this whole of Life.

You might say:
Bless you for being you.
Bless you for (notice something)...
Bless you Creator-God-Universe, for making ....

You might make a sign that means something to you.
Or you might just breathe Peace to them/it.

Notice what happens when you do this.
Consider keeping a journal throughout the week.

LaVeta Gilmore