Welcome to Leaven Community

We invite you to deepen relationships, build community power, and act collectively for more equitable, diverse, thriving neighborhoods.

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Mark Your Calendars Today and Invite Someone to Come With You

Mark Your Calendars Today and Invite Someone to Come With You

Leaven Community Listening Campaign

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We invite you to come to house meetings to engage in the listening and sharing of your stories around housing and intersecting pressures. 

What happens in a house meeting?

  • refreshments and introductions

  • grounding to connect our hearts

  • sharing of stories in paired conversations

  • group reflection

  • next steps, evaluation and closing

Your story and presence at these meetings will give us energy AND create power to:

  • Identify what needs changing

  • Impact policy to make those changes

  • Shape the kind of housing built on our lands

  • Build that housing and community

We discovered from our listening last year, that we need to build more power in order to have more impact on the pressures people are experiencing around housing and intersecting issues. This led us to launch and build the Leaven Community Land and Housing Coalition.  Coalition participants engaging in the creative-people-power-building organizing practices are engaging in their neighborhoods with the goal of changing systems and structures that perpetuate housing inequity in our city, and building a diversity of affordable housing on faith community land.

Contemplative Organizing Practices

Organizing Cycle.png


Deepen RelationshipS

BE wholly us as we deepen relationships in spaces of spiritual wisdom and shared story.

Bras, Bibles, & Brew

Salt & Light Lutheran

Waking Up Community Meditation


Build Community

Build community power as LOVE transforms stranger into neighbor and neighbor into companion.

Intercambio de Cully -
Cully Language Exchange

Neighbors Acting Together (NAT)

Swap’n’Work and Play (SWAP)



ACT together in neighborhood and citywide actions to create more spaces for life to thrive against all odds.

Acción Intercultural con Corazón - Intercultural Action with Heart

Land and Housing Organizing

Sanctuary Organizing


Make a Donation

When we bring our money together in the spirit of community we create good things in the world.

  • Pathways for exploring how to BE

  • Community growing in LOVE

  • Relationships igniting us to ACT Together

You are Invited to the stories of these Leaven Community members.