BBB 2018 Fall Flier.png

Bring your story and your questions

Together we’ll explore various topics through our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirit while connecting with each other.

BBB is a feminist approach to exploring sacred texts from many sources. By feminist we mean creating compassionate space for exploring spirituality - where one is on their spiritual journey.

This happens by intentionally relating and creating meaning through conversation, storytelling, relationship, and community. We grow community through shared experience, respect and support.

We encourage women of all ages and walks of life to join us. More perspectives offers more wisdom.

Bras, Bibles & Brew
Cultivating Resiliency: Joy Amidst Struggle and Truth

Every other Thursday, 7-9PM
Lucky Lab Tap Room
1700 N Killingsworth st
portland, OR 97217

Thursday Evening Rounds
October 4 - Honoring the Pain
October 18 - Nurturing Gratitude
November 1 - New Perspectives/Moving Forward
November 15 - Nurturing Joy

2018 is the Year of the Woman. Women persevere and sustain amidst unending cycles of oppression. Resilience abounds in our world; we keep moving forward even when things are pushing us back, holding us down, or when the struggle is relentless.

During this fall session we hope to take time to look at where we all get our strength, in what ways we honor the pain of our struggles, and how our communities find strength amidst them.

This round will continue to facilitate MORE BRAS, with our continuation of stories from other BBB women, MORE BREWS as we enjoy Lucky Lab North Tap Room and MORE BIBLES as we explore sacred texts from many sources.

Whether you always come, haven’t been in awhile or this is your first time, please join us this Fall as we explore wise women’s experiences together.

*Sips, snacks and sharing are available and optional.
Suggested donation - $5 per session ore $20 for 4 sessions to cover the room cost.